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As publishers and authors, we tend to send out a lot of our work to reviewers for publicity purposes.

However, there’s no way to protect or prevent ebooks from getting shared with the world without permission. Pirated copies of the files are created with no mention of your name, taking away the credits, which should belong to you.

That brings us to a brilliant concept that’s already prevalent in parts of Europe, such as Italy and Germany, and is gradually picking up the pace on the US market.

Watermarking is an effective way to deter piracy – it creates a personalized copy of the PDF file with the customer’s name or email address applied visibly but discreetly, and an invisible identifier. Now, many services can add watermarks to associate the ebook to you – the purchasing customer.

But we would recommend trying out eBook Watermark services as they provide a cost-effective, simple, and flexible solution against piracy. Still not convinced? Allow us to take you through a brief review of our service.

Ebook Watermark Services

As a watermarking service, eBook Watermark helps publishers and self-publishers protect their ebooks with a personalized and trackable watermark. Our service can be integrated with your existing online store if you’re using WooCommerce, Shopify (coming soon) and meet your needs as an eBook security system.

All you have to do is sign up for free. And begin uploading the PDF file immediately to personalize it. This shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes, after which you may access the file from the account page under the “ebooks” tab.

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Connect eBook ID to your store to start selling securely

These watermarked files will remain well-protected in our system forever unless you decide to delete them.

Why Avail Of Ebook Watermark Services?

Here are some of the benefits it offers:

  • Bloggers, journalists, reviewers, and test readers receive their copies with the indication that they are marked with a personalized watermark
  • The watermarked copies are not passed on as the original recipient is identifiable and traceable
  • In case any ebook is available on unauthorized platforms, you can send us the file and we will try to find out the original buyer

Long story short, opting for eBook Watermark services can help prevent leaks and violation of rights well in advance. This, in turn, saves you from the hassle and expenses involved in legal procedures after your ebooks are flooded on the internet.

There is also a service provider that offers another useful feature in this regard, which might benefit publishers. With the “Take Down Leak Anti-Piracy,” you may search the internet for unauthorized copies of your ebooks to fight pirates.

After the delivery of the takedown service, the online service or website is legally obligated to remove the file or link immediately. And since these are permanent takedowns, the chances of re-uploading these files are very slim because the process becomes too time-consuming.

To sum up, use a dynamic watermark to prevent piracy.

Final Thoughts

If we go by the facts, as per a survey conducted in 2017, $315 million were lost in book sales due to ebook piracy. And there’s no denying that the piracy market is still on the rise.

But with a reliable watermarking service at hand, you need not worry about the safety and security of your ebook. Rest assured, the hours and efforts you put into your work will not dissipate amid the pirated copies illegally distributed on the internet.

Ebook Watermark will use individual strategies to counter the issues of piracy. And apart from personalizing files, you can avail of watermarking services to see if your ebook is affected by piracy.