EBook Security: What is it, and how does it work?

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Many people think that there is no security for PDF files. But fortunately, we are at a time when we can secure our eBooks effectively. In fact, if you have an eBook, you should secure it with at least a dynamic watermark to prevent theft.

Ebook security is the process of applying copy protection to eBooks or digital books to prevent unwanted sharing and distribution among users.

It uses various security technologies like access controls, encryption, and watermarking. It is often carried out with the use of patented file formats.

The following are the eBook security options you can choose to secure your PDF eBook:

· Stop Printing- You can prevent, allow, or control the number of times your eBook gets printed.

· EBook expiration date- By choosing this, you can set an expiration date for your eBook or let it expire after reaching your set number of prints or views.

· Dynamic watermarks- Adding dynamic watermarks on the printed or viewed pages discourages sharing.

· Prevent downloading- If you want your eBook users to read your content online but prevent downloading the eBook, you can enable this option.

· Encryption- You can place AES256 encryption to your PDF files if you don’t want unauthorized sharing and distribution of your files.

DynamicInk.co eBook Security

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We have done it all from:

· Stop copy & paste

· Stop content modification or editing.

· Stop printing.

· Revoke eBooks any time

· Set expiry date for eBooks

But after years of observation from all our data, we found that using those complicated measures to prevent piracy just made them worse. Your readers are actually just want to copy and paste to their own other devices. They usually have no intention to copy and upload it to the internet. They're annoyed by the fact that they purchased it but can't read it on any device they owned. Thus they search for a way to crack the DRM and boooom your ebook is now unprotected.

The best way to make them (remember, they are your "customers") happy is just to use dynamic watermarking. Watermark their name, email, etc. and that's it. They can copy to any devices they want to read on. They know and understand precisely why there's their name on it. They just want to read freely and may be sent to a few of their best friends (like giving the actual books). Don't worry, because their best friends can see the name on it too and they won't do anything stupid like posting on torrent sites and have their friend's big problem.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing DynamicInk.co eBook security:

While you know that you can add digital watermarks to prevent potential pirates from using your copyrights, dynamic watermarking is its more advanced form.

You can identify users by adding dynamic watermarks to your documents. When somebody views and prints your eBook, the watermarks of their information (email, name, etc.) are placed automatically. This helps prevent unauthorized photocopying and distribution of your files.

You can catch someone who is trying to illegally profit from your hard work as their information will be embedded in your eBook’s code when they print them in the first place.

· Secure Distribution

You don’t have to compromise the safety of your eBooks by uploading them into an unprotected server. Enjoy uncompromised security by uploading them to our website. After you sold any ebooks on WooCommerce, Shopify, your customers will receive an email from your web with a secure download link.

· Zero Installation

We use a cloud server so there’s no need to install any software.

· Pocket-Friendly

We charge with a pay-as-you-go, not a monthly plan.

When you choose DynamicInk.co, we take the security of your eBook seriously. You can enjoy writing an ebook, selling eBooks safely without worrying about piracy.

· Total eBook security and User-friendly

One of the things you can enjoy about our software is that it is very easy to use. You can just upload your ebook files to our secure server and match them with the ebook id in your WooCommerce/Shopify shop and we will do the rest.

Control and curb eBook sharing, copying, and distribution

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An ebook is a digital version of a hard-printed book that is precisely designed to be read on a mobile device or desktop computer.

It is much easier to copy, share, and distribute an eBook than a printed book. Creating a decent copy of a physical book is difficult. Plus, it is notably cheaper to buy the original book than to take the trouble of getting a photocopy that you know is going to be an agony to read.

With eBooks, it is completely different. It is designed in such as way that the reader can read it comfortably on a screen. Duplicating an eBook for distribution is an entirely different thing than photocopying a physical book.

Therefore, if you have an eBook, you should use a dynamic watermark so that your content is effectively protected.